Margate Country Dog Resort

Dog boarding and dog daycare

Fun, safe and social dog boarding and dog daycare resort

We are Southern Tasmania's only free range dog boarding resort and dog daycare.

Just 20 minutes out of Hobart in Margate, Tasmania we offer fun, attentive, social and friendly dog boarding and dog daycare services. The only dog boarding resort and dog daycare in Southern Tasmania that offers dogs hours of play every day.

Because we all know dogs are the best people and they deserve a holiday too!

Our dog daycare offers fur baby parents peace of mind. While you work or enjoy time out of caring for your dogs, we provide them with a safe, playful and social environment with all the comforts of home. We often hear excited whimpers and barks as our regular doggy daycare goers come up the drive to greet us.

Our dog boarding facilities focus on comfort, space and safety. We cater for no more than 20 dogs at any one time. When you leave your dogs with us you'll be treating them to a holiday of their own. We pamper our dogs and most of our rooms have couches or beds to make their stay fun and comfortable. A great deal of thought and research went into the design of our boarding and exercise areas to create a safe, happy and healthy environment.

Safety and supervision comes first. Small group sizes, supervision and every dog does a trial first. 

Dogs are all about playtime. We ensure our dogs receive hours of free range play each day.

Your dogs comfort is a high consideration. We give them space, comfotable bedding and green play areas.

Most dogs love being with other dogs! We offer a social environment with supervised collective playtime.

Our pricing is great value for money.

We work with you to make sure drop off and pick up is simple and works with your schedule. We get to know you and your dog or dogs to make sure we can make your dog's time with us enjoyable and enriching. 

If you have more than one dog that needs boarding, we can work with you to make sure they stay together.

Dog daycare

Southern Tasmania's only free range dog boarding resort. Like dog kennels but with wide open spaces and a focus on playtime and fun! Read more about our dog boarding and book your trial!

Dog daycare

Fun, attentive, social dog daycare near Hobart, Tasmania. Wide open green spaces, other dogs for company and lots of playtime!


Other dog services

We offer a range of additional dogcare services including dog taxi pick up and delivery

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All new dogs are required to come on a trial for a day and night as we are a SOCIAL ONLY OFF LEAD FACILITY and don't take any excessive barking dogs inside or outside.

Entire Males & females over the age of 12 months will not be accepted.

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