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Giving our canine best friends room to roam

Our story

Margate Country Dog Resort was founded by Mike and Sue Weaver, and is owned and operated by Amanda Jessup. Amanda has built a modern, intimate, comfortable and social boarding facility that caters for no more than 20 dogs at any one time. Amanda is supported by her mum, Sue Weaver, who volunteers her work, with Holly and Arial also helping out.

Our environment

Our dog resort is located just 25 minutes from Hobart in the beautiful countryside of Margate. We are like dog kennels but without the concrete and with wide open green spaces and lots of attention for our dog visitors. Our services include dog boarding, and pet taxi services for clients within our service area.
Our dog boarding resort is a purpose built facility. We offer a stress free, warm and friendly environment for all the dogs that we house.
If you are seeking pet sitting, book a trial night with us first. Your dog could enjoy their own holiday with friends in comfort!

Dog boarding and dog day care in Hobart


Where is your dog resort located?

We are at 170 Van Morey Road, Margate, TAS.

Do you accept all sizes and breeds of dog?

At Margate Country Dog Resort, we are delighted to welcome dogs of various sizes, including tiny, small, medium, and large breeds. Our priority is to provide a pro-social and peaceful off-lead environment, ensuring the well-being and safety of all our furry guests and our staff. While we cater to a wide range of dog sizes, we do not accommodate giant breeds. Additionally, Margate Country Dog Resort reserves the right to assess and make decisions regarding the acceptance of breeds based on the safety and harmony of our environment.

Does you accept entire dogs?

Until the age of 9-12 months

We do not accept females on their heat cycle

We do not accept aggressive and non stop mounting / humping behaviour

Do you have a minimum stay over holiday periods?

Yes. There is a 7 day minimum stay for our dog boarding guests over Christmas/New Years, and Easter.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours 9.30-11am 7 days a week 

 * Please note we have a different time for our sleepover trials 

Call to discuss any drop-off and pick-up times outside of these hours.


Are these times different for public holidays?

We operate on a slighly different schedule of public holdiays. We are closed all day for drop off and pickup on:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Saturday

We are open in the morning only on the following public holidays:


  • New Year's Eve
  • Anzac Day
  • Hobart Show Day

Our Code of Conduct

Margate Country Dog Resort are proud members of the PIAA.
We feel that being accredited by the leading national boarding and grooming body, provides a level of quality and service that should not only be met, but exceeded.

Margate Country Dog Resort

170 Van Morey Road

Margate TAS 7054

Tel: 0437 355 856 - email: info@mcdogresort.com.au (text and email preferred)

* Our office is closed for all enquiries on Sundays

** ** Due to our on-site commitments with the dogs, answering phone enquiries can be problematic. Email and text message are best forms of communication. Thank you