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We love talking to people about their dogs and finding out how we can best care for them. Our staff will do everything we can to make sure your dogs time with us is fun, safe, comfortable and affordable. 

Dog boarding sleepover trial – every new canine visitor has a trial sleepover with us to make sure they are comfortable here. We need to make sure your dog is comfortable in our environment, and ensure they are well socialised, don’t stress bark or have magical escaping skills. Our aim is to make sure our environment is calm but also fun and harmonious for all our furry guests. 

Call or text us on 0437 355 856 or email to talk more about our dog boarding, book your dog in for their overnight trial or find out more about dog daycare. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Direct Debit and Cash payments. The cost of eftpos is getting higher and higher and not worth it being a small business.

Are there any special conditions for public holidays?

Yes. On public and school holidays there is a $5 surcharge per day per dog. There is also a 7 day minimum stay during Christmas and New Year & a 6 day minimum stay at Easter.

do dogs need to be vaccinated before arrival at the dog resort?

Yes. All of our guest dogs must be vaccinated with C5, preferably two weeks prior to their stay. Your dog’s certificate of vaccination will need to be sighted on arrival. No exceptions. It would also be appreciated if you could have your worming up to date.

Do you accept entire dogs?

Until the age of 9-12 months

We do not accept females on their heat cycle

We do not accept aggressive and non stop mounting / humping behaviour

is there a mandatory trial for new dogs?

Yes. All new dogs are required to come on a trial for a day and night as we are a SOCIAL OFF-LEAD ONLY FACILITY and don’t take any excessive barking dogs inside or outside.


If your dog requires medication, we are only able to administer oral tablets 


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Has your dog been desexed?

Is your dog/s happy & comfortable in a social off lead dog group environment?

Margate Country Dog Resort

170 Van Morey Road

Margate TAS 7054

Tel: 0437 355 856 - email: (text and email preferred)

* Our office is closed for all enquiries on Sundays

** ** Due to our on-site commitments with the dogs, answering phone enquiries can be problematic. Email and text message are best forms of communication. Thank you