Our dog boarding daily routine

Our dog guests enjoy the most outdoor play time of any dog boarding centre in Tasmania. We want them to enjoy play and attention and fun and get exercise. Often at the end of their stay they are so tired they fall asleep in the car on the way home from so much fun!

What do our canine guests do all day?

From 7am until 7.30pm each day of their stay they enjoy a stress free, loving, fun, enriching environment. They get a great balance of outdoor supervised playtime and rest and sleep time in their comfortable rooms. You can choose if you want your dog to have the company of another dog friend or if they prefer their own space we can cater for this.


Our dog boarding daily schedule



We do breakfasts and dinners for our dog boarding guests. This is some of our pup’s favourite time of the day! Our meals are healthy and can be Prime100 dog rolls or Premium Australian Made Lifewise. If your dog prefers other food or is on a special diet, we make sure to cater accordingly. 

Play time

Our dog guests get between 4 and 6 hours of outdoor play a day. Water play, sniffing, cuddles and exercise. Digging in the sand, playing fetch, chasings, pool time (when it’s warm, we try to discourage if it’s too cold!) and making friends with other pooches.

Rest time

A few times a day we make sure our pups have some down time so they can recharge and get ready to play again! Bed time is around

Bed time

Bed time is around 7pm after a toilet break and night time wander. Then it’s healthy treats, cuddles and tucked into bed with our beautiful classic music that plays 24/7 for our guests.

We want every dog to feel at home when boarding with us. We know every dog is different and our dog boarding service is shaped to suit your dog so just ask us if you have any questions at all.

To book your dog in for their first trial night and see if our place is the right fit, call us on 0437 355 856.

Read why our customers love our dog boarding.

Margate Country Dog Resort is a free range dog boarding centre featuring wide open green spaces and comfort levels fit for pampered pooches. Our dog boarding guests get loads of playtime, socialisation, love and attention. We also offer dog daycare services. Just 15 minutes out of Hobart in Margate, Tasmania. Next time you take a break, offer your dog a holiday with us too!