Our dog boarding trial – what is it and how does it work?

At Margate Country Dog Resort, we want all our canine guests to have a fun, safe and comfortable experience. To make this happen, every guest has an overnight trial with us.

We want all of our guests to live their best lives in a happy, harmonious environment. We also have a duty of care to make sure your family member is safe. As our pet resort is a social environment, we need to make sure your pooch is comfortable around other dogs, and that this is a stress-free event for them… They are on holiday after all!

If your dog has issues socializing with other dogs, we will not be the right fit. At the trial, we look out for any signs of aggression, as well as behaviors like stress barking, and nipping. If your pooch has a Houdini streak and has mastered the art of escape, unfortunately we are not the right fit.

Like most dog kennels, we require full C5 vaccination prior to a trial or stay with us. Entire males and females over the age of 10-12 months may not be accepted, depending on their temperament. After 10-12 months, all guests must be desexed. If your dog needs medication, please keep in mind we are only able to administer oral tablets.

The trial is a full overnight stay. Your pup gets dropped off in the morning, and then sniffs, plays, explores and snoozes through until the following morning. Their very first sleep over with us! We need you to remain local for the duration of the trial – if we’re not the right fit, we’ll call you to come and collect your mate. For the dogs that fit right in, we’re good to go and can confidently offer your dog boarding in a happy, safe environment.

To confirm your trial, we require a $30/dog deposit. If you cancel your trial within 10 days, the deposit is non-refundable. If we’re a match with your dog, we’ll deduct the $30 deposit from their first holiday with us. And, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll happily refund the deposit amount.

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Margate Country Dog Resort is a free range dog boarding centre featuring wide open green spaces and comfort levels fit for pampered pooches. Our dog boarding guests get loads of playtime, socialisation, love and attention. We also offer dog daycare services. Just 15 minutes out of Hobart in Margate, Tasmania. Next time you take a break, offer your dog a holiday with us too!

To book your trial, call us on 0437 355 856.