Dog Boarding

Dog boarding near Hobart for dogs that love comfort, peace, security and fun!

Free range, fun dog boarding 20 minutes out of Hobart

We are crazy dog ladies and proud of it!

We offer safe, fun, social and comfortable dog boarding to a wide range of wonderful dogs we adore. Our dog boarding facilities aren't like the dog kennels that usually come to mind. We have less concrete and more wide open spaces, personal attention, care, comfort and fun! The sounds of happy barking are the normal at our dog boarding resort. 

Every dog has a trial with us to make sure they are happy and settled

All new dogs joining us for dog boarding come for an overnight trial to make sure they are happy and settled. We need to make sure they don't stress too much or bark constantly and are social off lead with all other breeds. Contact us to arrange your overnight trial.

Personal care and supervision means more love and attention

We live onsite and someone is always personally supervising the dogs under our care. We give our dogs as much time outdoors as possible to promote exercise and let them enjoy fresh air and freedom.

Free range outdoor play to promote socialisation and fun!

Depending on weather this ranges from 4 hours to 6 hours! We run a very happy, fun, exciting and structured day for our dogs with a great balance of play and rest time! They have dog company 24/7 and we are always within hearing range to make sure each of our canine guests is comfortable at all times.

A free range approach and natural environment for dogs

We offer a playful, stimulating, structured, enriching environment for our boarding and daycare dogs. We are firm believers in dogs being dogs! Being outdoors - sniffing, playing, socialising with dogs and  humans. We avoid using cement where possible and instead have sand, grass, swimming, a natural creek in winter. We play games of tug of war, frisbees and throw balls for our guests to make sure they have the time of their lives.


Comfortable enclosures and bedding for all!

We know the idea of dog kennels can make people think of concrete but we try to avoid the stuff as much as possible! Our enclosures are created with our dog guests' comfort in mind. You'll find pups lounging on sofas after a big day of fun play.

new room

Dog boarding prices

Our dog boarding prices are based on dog weight. The bigger they are, the more they cost to care for so we've made our pricing reflect this.

Our peak times: Xmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, school holidays & long weekends is our usual extra $5 per day peak time charge. We are closed to the public on all public holidays for drop offs and pick ups. Minimum of 7 day stay over Christmas and 6 day over the Easter periods.

Tiny dogs
Up to 5kg
  • $30 off peak
  • $35 peak
Small dogs
  • $35 off peak
  • $40 peak
Medium dog
  • $40 off peak
  • $45 peak
Large dogs
  • $43 off peak
  • $48 peak
Giant dogs
41kg and above
  • $45 off peak
  • $50 peak

Can we care for every dog? 

If your dog doesn't cope well with company and becomes stressed or highly anxious or barks a lot we might not be the best fit. Also, if your dog is an escape artist and can scale very tall and secure fences, we might not be able to help. Finally, if your dog shows signs of aggression towards any other breeds and isn't well socialised we can't care for them but please call us if you have any concerns.

Book your dog boarding trial 

We want your dog to be as comfortable as possible with us. We also have a duty of care to ensure we are operating a safe facility and can keep your dog happy. So every dog has an overnight sleepover trial with us before their first dog boarding night to make sure they are happy around the other dog guests and don't stress bark or have magic houdini escapee skills that we can't cater for. Get in touch to book your dogs first sleepover to see if we are both a good fit for each other!

Please Note:

  • We accept Direct Debit and Cash payments.
  • Public and School Holidays are $5 extra per day, per dog. 6 day minimum stay Christmas and New Year. 7 day minimum stay at Easter.
  • For the safety and wellbeing of our guests, it is a requirement that all of our guest dogs have been vaccinated with C5, preferably 7 days prior to their stay. Your dog’s certificate of vaccination will need to be sighted on arrival, or confirmed over the phone with your vet without exception. It would also be appreciated if you could have your worming up to date.
  • Entire Males and females over the age of 10-12 months may not be accepted, depending on their temperament. After 10-12 month old dogs must be desexed.
  • If your dog needs medication, we are able to administer oral or tablets only.

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices include GST and we provide all bedding.
  • All bookings require a non refundable deposit.
  • Cancellation of a booking given 2 weeks prior to check-in during non peak times and 4 weeks during peak times will receive a refund depending on the length of stay and size of deposit paid, but always open to discussion and credits for future holidays.
  • Discounts apply for 3 or more dogs and long term bookings. Please call to discuss