Dog boarding

Dog boarding near Hobart for dogs that

love comfort, peace, security and fun!


Free range, fun dog boarding 25 minutes out of Hobart.

Crazy dog ladies.

And proud of it.

We offer safe, fun, social and comfortable dog boarding to a wide range of wonderful dogs we adore. Our dog boarding facilities aren’t like the dog kennels that usually come to mind. We have less concrete and more wide open spaces, personal attention, care, comfort and fun! The sounds of happy barking are the normal at our dog boarding resort.

A group of dogs enjoying the space at dog boarding

Happy and settled dogs.

Every dog has a trial to ensure comfort.

All new dogs joining us for dog boarding come for an overnight trial to make sure they are happy and settled. We need to make sure they don’t stress too much or bark constantly and are social off lead with all other breeds. Read more about our trial night and contact us to arrange yours!

Dog relaxing at dog boarding near Hobart

Personal care and supervision means more love and attention.

We live onsite and someone is always personally supervising the dogs under our care. We give our dogs as much time outdoors as possible to promote exercise and let them enjoy fresh air and freedom.

Read about our dog daycare daily routine to find out what our dog guests get up to.


Dog boarding operator being licked by a dog

Free range outdoor play for social fun and wellbeing!

Depending on weather this ranges from 5 to 7 hours! We run a very happy, fun, exciting and structured day for our dogs and there’s a great balance of play and rest time! They have dog company 24/7 and we are always within hearing range to make sure each of our canine guests is comfortable at all times. We also provide delicious Canine Candy treats (in moderation) to keep your pets tummies happy!

Read about our daily dog boarding routine


Dogs running in sandpit at dog boarding facility

Dog boarding with comfortable enclosures and bedding for all!

Comfortable room at dog daycare near Hobart
bedding for dogs at dog boarding near Hobart

Dog Boarding Pricing

Prices current as of 1st September 2021.

* 7 day minimum stay over Christmas/New Years, and Easter

Dog boarding and dog day care in Hobart


Where is your dog resort located?

We are at 170 Van Morey Road, Margate, TAS.

Do you accept all sizes and breeds of dog?

At Margate Country Dog Resort we specialise in providing a pro-social, and peaceful off-lead environment for small, medium and large breed dogs. To maintain our social environment, and the health and safety of staff, we do not accept breeds larger than 40kg. In addition Margate Country Dog Resort reserves the right to reject breeds (of any weight) it deems to present a hazard to the safety of other dogs and staff.

Does you accept entire dogs?

Unfortunately, no. We can’t care for entire males or females over 6 months of age due to our social off lead environment.

Do you have a minimum stay over holiday periods?

Yes. There is a 7 day minimum stay for our dog boarding guests over Christmas/New Years, and Easter.

What are your pick up and drop off times?

We are open for pick up and drop off at the following times:

Mon-Fri: 9.30–11am; 5-5:30pm (Pick up only)

Sat- Sun: 9:30-10:30am;

Call to discuss any drop-off and pick-up times outside of these hours.


Are these times different for public holidays?

We operate on a slighly different schedule of public holdiays. We are closed all day for drop off and pickup on:

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Saturday

We are open in the morning only on the following public holidays:


  • New Year's Eve
  • Anzac Day
  • Hobart Show Day

Our Code of Conduct

Margate Country Dog Resort are proud members of the PIAA.
We feel that being accredited by the leading national boarding and grooming body, provides a level of quality and service that should not only be met, but exceeded.

Can we care for every dog?

If your dog doesn’t cope well with company and becomes stressed, highly anxious or bark excessively we might not be the best fit.

Also, if your dog is an escape artist and can scale very tall and secure fences, we might not be able to help. Finally, if your dog shows signs of aggression towards any other breeds and isn’t well socialised we can’t care for them but please call us if you have any concerns.

Book your dog boarding trial today!

Important dog boarding information

We want your dog to be as happy and comfortable as possible with us, and we also have a duty of care to ensure safe operation of the facility. So every dog has an overnight sleepover trial with us before their first dog boarding night. This makes sure they are happy around the other dog guests and don’t stress bark or have magic houdini escapee skills that we can’t cater for. Get in touch to book your dogs first sleepover to see if we are both a good fit for each other! You can read more about our trial night here.

Margate Country Dog Resort

170 Van Morey Road

Margate TAS 7054

Tel: 0437 355 856 – email: [email protected] (text and email preferred)

* Due to our on-site commitments with the dogs, answering phone enquiries can be problematic. If you wish to speak directly to us, please get in touch to arrange a time that is suitable.