Meet our dog guests


Stanley’s face when he finds out he’s visiting the pack at Margate Country Dog Resort… The smile says it all! 

This beautiful Samyoed Stanley has been a guest of ours since he was just a puppy. We love having him with us as one of our dog guests. 

Stanley is three years old, and has been visiting us for around 14 magical months. He’s a social butterfly and loves making new dog friends. He also loves us crazy dog ladies and the attention we give him… Look at that face, can you blame us?

His favorite activity at the resort is anything that involves sand, water or mud. The messier, the better.

Exhausted Stanley the Samoyed

After his last stay, Stanley needed a bit of time to recover!

Read why our customers love our dog boarding.

Margate Country Dog Resort is a free range dog boarding centre featuring wide open green spaces and comfort levels fit for pampered pooches. Our dog boarding guests get loads of playtime, socialisation, love and attention. We also offer dog daycare services. Just 20-25 minutes out of Hobart in Margate, Tasmania. Next time you take a break, offer your dog a holiday with us too!

To book your trial, call us on 0437 355 856.